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Many people travel through Andalusia with a camper or camper van or motorhome. This is an ideal way to explore beautiful Andalusia in complete freedom at your own pace and to spend the night at camper places or campsites. About ten years ago we were enthusiastic motor home owners and we still look back on that with a warm heart. That is why we have only realized six rustic but spacious camper or motorhome pitches.

Prices camper place or camper spot

Campers or motorhomes are very welcome at Finca Ángela Seville. We have six very spacious camper pitches of approximately 15x8 meters. These places all have free and a wide view over the lands of Utrera. The basic price for your camper and two people is € 15 per night. Each person more than two is € 2.50 per night extra. Children up to four years of age are free.

Tip of Finca Ángela Seville!

✓ Book 7 nights and pay for 6!
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✓ Cancellation always and free!
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Does the camper place or spot have electricity or power?

Electricity is available and included in the price per night (note: Fair Use Policy). There are six power points with each 10 amp sockets for the motorhome pitches.

Are there sanitary facilities, toilet or shower?

Yes, the camper pitches have a toilet and shower. It is free to use, but only with strict instructions! In any case, the discharge of chemical waste, moist tissues, toilet paper or other material than urine and faeces is strictly prohibited! Biodegradable toilet paper is provided for free. The shower has hot water. Use is also free, but there is a Fair Use Policy to prevent unnecessary consumption of water.

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Discharge dirty (black) water and empty a chemical toilet?

Emptying a chemical toilet or dirty (black) water from your camper is unfortunately not possible at our place. It's even strongly forbidden! If you have a camping toilet and you don't use any chemicals then you can empty your cassette just in in the toilet. If you want to empty your disposal water (gray) water of you camper please ask is about the possibilities.

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Is there drinking water or a water tap point?

Our water is drinkable and extracted from our own land, directly from the ground at a depth of about 26 meters. The water is then filtered for particles, stripped of lime and treated with UV light.

The taste of the water is a little bit salty due to the consistency of the ground. We self use bottled water as drinking water, which is easy available in every supermarkets and small shops everywhere in Andalusia. We also sell bottled water.

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Can I have a barbecue on the camper spot?

No, in the months of May, June, July, August and September, it is absolutely not allowed to light a barbecue unless you want to risk high fines. In these months there is an acute risk of fire due to the drought of forests, farmlands and nature. A gas barbecue is allowed, only when you take care of the obligations and responsibility yourself.

But you can also let yourself be pampered culinary in our house restaurant. You can also pick up delicious meals or snacks.

Is it necessary to reserve a motorhome place in advance?

Yes, although we ourselves do not like to plan things far in advance, but sometimes it is very useful. Firstly, we only have six camper places where the real rule is, Complete = Complete. Second, the camper spots depend on the weather. When it has rained a lot for a few days in a row, the camper spots are really impassable. If you have made a reservation in this case, we will let you know and we will look for a solution together. Reservations can be made quickly and easily, where you only pay when you leave. Moreover, cancellation is always free.

Are there check-in and check-out times?

Check-out is before 10:30 am.

We ask you to respect our times due to our activities such as preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner and cleaning, shopping or doing any repairs. Of course it is possible to deviate from these times in consultation and if possible. No problem, just let us know in time.

Are you allowed to use the swimming pool?

Yes, use of the swimming pool or sun terrace is included during your stay.

Can we bring our pets with us?

Yes, but only in consideration! Your pet may never bother our other guest. So leashes are mandatory or you have that your pet stays around your camper. We ourselves have four curious cats as our pets. Please take a note of that.

¡Tal vez hasta pronto!

Maybe we see you soon! In any case, we look forward to receive you as our guest. If you still have questions, please contact us.

¡Saludos Ángela y James!

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About Finca Ángela Seville

Read all about our rustic and complete eguiped vacation home Juan or our cozy studio Maria or our spacious camper places. How are these accommodations furnished and with which equipment? Also read what facilities are available to enjoy your stay even more.

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Activities and around

Want to relax or to be active? Read what activities you can do during your stay? What is there to do in the beautiful surroundings of rustic Finca Ángela Seville? For example in the nearby picturesque town of Utrera?

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Our catchy prices

View our friendly rates of our rustic vacation home Juan or our cozy studio Maria or our camper spots.

✓ No hidden or extra costs!
✓ Book now! Pay later! No deposit!
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