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The historic Utrera was founded more than 1000 years before Christ and has around 53,000 inhabitants. Our bed and breakfast vacation home is approximately three kilometers from picturesque Utrera. The town has a historic center with many pleasant squares and terraces.

Utrera is known for its gastronomy and its many restaurants from the very authentic to the modern kitchen. The town is surrounded by farmland, olive groves, orange groves or from mandrels. Furthermore, the area has flat but rich fauna with beautiful lagoons where cattle roam freely such as cattle, sheep and goats.

Utrera is absolutely beautiful when you are looking for something authentic and especially local. Foreign tourism is strange in Utrera. You feel that immediately when you stroll through the picturesque streets or have a drink on one of the many terraces. Don't be discouraged if you don't speak Spanish. The cordiality and friendliness of the Utreanos is the language with which they communicate.

The location of Finca Ángela near Utrera is therefore ideal to discover the lesser known, quiet and rustic west of Andalusia in Spain (eg Seville at 20 km, Córdoba at 110 km, Cádiz with its beautiful beaches at 85 km. and medieval Ronda at 100 km.). This western part is the most authentic part of Andalusia. Tourism is (still) not much known here in contrast to, for example, Málaga and its surroundings such as Marbella, Torremolinos, Nerja, Fuengirola, etc.

Download here the Utrera city map with the most famous sights or highlights.

Tip from Finca Ángela!

Do you really want to experience local life? Then adjust your times as the locals live. Gets up early and breakfast is done outside the door. Shops are open until 2 p.m. Afterwards you can enjoy an extensive lunch and have a siesta. The streets are then quiet and deserted. The shops will open again at 5 p.m. and the terraces will be filled with care. Around 7 pm life is again buzzing, which goes on until around 1 am.

Cycling, mountain biking, hiking or Nordic walking

The lands and fauna around Finca Ángela Seville are excellent for mountain biking, hiking and Nordic walking. These three activities are often practiced by the Utreanos. This is done via set routes or paths but can also be done excellently on the receipt.

Via de la Plata

Did you know that the famous Via de la Plata (The Silk Road) passes through Utrera and is nearby our Finca? Ideal for those who want to walk, cycle or ride a motorcycle. Via de la Plata is the longest Pilgrimage from southern Spain to Santiago de Compostela (± 1.000 km.).

Tip of Finca Ángela!

Do you want cycling or mountain biking but you don't have your own bike with you? In that case, we can arrange the rent of a racing bike or mountain bike for you entirely according to your wishes and performance. Ask us about the options and availability.
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What can you do in Seville and around?

The beautiful, historic city of Seville is around 20 kilometers from Utrera. Seville is the undiscovered pearl of Andalusia and is also called a large open-air museum. This city has a century-long history and was the centre of the golden ages of Spain. These were after the departure of Columbus in 1492 in search of new sea routes to reach the Far East. Seville is also the fourth largest city in Spain.

Seville is very well and easily accessible from Finca Ángela by (rental) car via a direct highway (A-376). A journey takes around 20 minutes. The direct train connection between Utrera and Seville (20 minutes) is a beter option. Due to the crowds, the narrow streets and the different way of driving, the train is super easy. By car you can also go to the village of Montequinto to get on the metro there.

For more and detailed information about Seville and its surroundings, please refer to our sister website Pia Tours Seville.

If you still have questions or comments? Then don't hesitate and feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Tip from Finca Ángela Seville!

When you have booked with Finca Ángela you will receive € 2.50 discount per person on a tour. So book an unforgettable walking tour, bike tour, tapas tour or flamenco show at Pia Tours Seville.


The vastness of the country or area and climate make Seville an ideal place to play golf. Therefor Seville has three golf courses. The first golf course in Seville is approximately 15 kilometers from Utera. The closest is Real Club Seville Golf. The other golf course, Real Club Pineda de Seville, is five kilometers away. (International) matches are played on both golf courses. The courses can of course be easily reached by car.

Unfortunately we are not playing golf so we cannot share our experiences with these courses. Therefore, visit both websites for more information (English) or search with Google for reviews.

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Zahara de la Sierra (Beach)

This small but beautiful, historic village is about an hour's drive from Finca Ángela (± 75 km.). Photographically it is perhaps the most beautiful white village (los pueblos blancos) in Andalusia. This is because of its location on one side of a huge rock, which in Arabic means zahara). This immediately makes clear that the Moors had a fortress here during their centuries of occupation in Andalusia.

Apart from the fact that Zahara de la Sierra is very picturesque, has a very small but super cozy center with various, restaurants, it is also located on a huge water reservoir with a real beach (la playita). Here it is possible to undertake numerous water sports or activities.

The village is located in the Grazalema de Sierra nature reserve, allowing you to take beautiful walks, long hikes or go mountain biking.

Embalse de la Torre del Águila (Beach)

A large reservoir with dam about 25 kilometers from Utera. It is used as a hiking area and popular for mountain biking. Other popular activities include boating, enjoying a water scooter or windsurfing. Fishing is also done a lot here. As far as is known, swimming is not taken or even allowed.

Due to the many afforestation, the banks of the reservoir offers many shady places. There are even places or places where benches with tables have been placed and where you can use a stone barbeque.

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Historic castle route

'La ruta de los castillos, los testigos de reconquista' or a beautiful route along five castles that bear witness to the reconquest by the Catholic kings on the Moors. Beautiful to do by car or motorcycle. The castles offer you as a visitor many remains and remains of the Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians.

This castle route shows the rich, historical and cultural heritage of the villages. The result of centuries of occupation and liberation. Each castle has its own story with the corresponding functions at the time.

The route is approximately 80 kilometers long and the castles can be visited free of charge. If you want to drive the route then we have a free digital booklet available (English).


The above activities are a small selection of what Seville and Andalusia has to offer. It is too much to mention all of this on this page.

If you have any questions or comments or do you want something specific? Then don't hesitate and feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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