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Who are the Dutch owners of Finca Ángela Seville?

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We met each other in 2010 and in 2012 we, Angela Huf and James Schubert, left the Netherlands for a 'honeymoon world trip' without a date of end. So once we arrived in beautiful Seville and inmediately fell in love with this special, historic city, especially its warm inhabitants and the lovely food and wines. This feeling became so incredibly strong that we decided to interrupt our 'honeymoon world trip' and staid in Seville.

This meant that we had to cancel or quit all our obligations in the Netherlands. We have not even gone back to pick up our personal stuff because after all we wanted to completely start over again. That was a huge and intense step, but after our marriage in 2012 is this the best decision of our life ever!

Who is Angela?

Holland is really beautiful, very beautiful nature and a great history, but I noticed that the country and most of the people began to change in a way that is not positive for me. Once I was very proud of openness, liberality and left-wing business mentality, but that seems to be history.

When I met James it was very clear that we shared these growing less positive changes in the Netherlands. So when I was asked to marry James, under the condition that we would make a 'honeymoon' without an end date, there was no time for doubt. Absolutely YES!

Once in beautiful Seville I translated my intense love and passion for Seville to Pia Tours. I started in 2014 and wanted to show my affection for this city differently from other big tour companies in Seville. No massive tours of 20 or more people where also several languages are spoken so you do not get everything and what costs a lot of your time. I do a tour in one language and with a maximum of 10 persons.

But if you want to cycle through beautiful Seville without a guide? Then I have the perfect rental bike for you. Our bikes are suitable for the taller Northern European and only € 10 for the whole day. The breakdown service is free and unique so that you can tour or cycle through the city without any worries. Read more at Pia Bikes.

With the same passion, James and I started bed and breakfast or vacation home Finca Ángela Seville. This is not our first bed and breakfast here in Andalucia and therefore we think that we have found in Utrera the perfect location to have a wonderful, relaxing holiday or vacation to discover Seville and its surroundings. Why? Well, because we live here by our self wonderfully, widely and relaxed.

Our latest project is Andalusia Shop. This is an online delicatessen shop with authentic, traditionally prepared delicacies from Andalusia and Spain. It had been our wish to start this for years, but because of the lack of time it remained a plan. Corona or covid-19 provided the start because the taken measures meant that Pia Tours, Pia Bikes and Finca Ángela were completely out of business, which resulted in zero income while the costs and taxes continued. What could be better than to be able to start up your long desired dream with full passion!

rustic bed breakfast vacation home seville angela huf

Tip from Finca Ángela Seville!

When you have booked with Finca Ángela you get € 2.50 discount per person on a tour. So book an unforgettable walking tour, bike tour, tapas tour or flamenco show at Pia Tours Seville.

Who is James?

Do I miss Holland? In a certain way sometimes. But over the years, unfortunately, a lot has changed in a way that has not been positive for me. Luckily I have been able to build a prosperous live in Holland, which made a new life elsewhere possible. It was the moment of meeting with my sweet Ángela who showed me the world in an other way. Together we seemed to share so much spiritually that we wanted to continue this elsewhere in the world. That became Seville and now Utrera in Andalesia, southern Spain.

With passion, I take care of the (online) marketing and web of Pia Tours Seville, Pia Bikes Seville and Finca Ángela and Andalusia Shop. In addition, and perhaps my greatest passion, is conscious and healthy, but above all delicious cooking and eating. I feel at home in any world kitchen with a specialty in Western European and Asian cuisine.

Both Angela and I have a tremendous sense of unburdening you as our guest. Angela knows all about Andalucia geographically and in terms of places of interest, eateries, accommodations, etc. Combined with her enormously caring character she makes your stay unforgettable. I self am a huge cook lover and food lover. I would like to share this passion with you during a delicious lunch or dinner.

rustic bed and breakfast vacation home finca angela seville
rustic bed breakfast seville andalusia dutch owners

We as a team?

We both have an enormous feeling for unburdening you as a guest.

Angela has an enormously caring, managing and empathetic character. As the perfect hostess, she will make your stay unforgettable. In addition, she knows a lot about Andalusia geographically and in terms of sights, dining options, accommodations, etc. Often even better than a 'local'!

James is a huge cooking and dining enthusiast. Likes to cook with local products and especially from head to tail (so very little is thrown away). James is happy to share this passion with you during a delicious, home-cooked lunch or dinner in our house restaurant.

¡Tal vez hasta pronto!

Maybe we see you soon! In any case, we look forward to receive you as our guest. If you still have questions, please contact us.

¡Saludos Ángela y James!

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About Finca Ángela Seville

Read all about our rustic and complete eguiped vacation home Juan or our cozy studio Maria or our spacious camper places. How are these accommodations furnished and with which equipment? Also read what facilities are available to enjoy your stay even more.

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Activities and around

Want to relax or to be active? Read what activities you can do during your stay? What is there to do in the beautiful surroundings of rustic Finca Ángela Seville? For example in the nearby picturesque town of Utrera?

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Our catchy prices

View our friendly rates of our rustic vacation home Juan or our cozy studio Maria or our camper spots.

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Are you already convinced and do you want to book now at rustic Finca Ángela Seville? This can be done quickly and easily by sending an email to info@fincaangela.com or use our simple booking form booking form for availabilities and possibilities.

rustic bed breakfast vacation home seville andalusia dutch owners

About us

Who are these Dutch owners who run rustic Finca Ángela Seville with passion? What has brought us here and why have we left Holland? You can read the answers and more on this page.

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